Stob Ban. Photo T Parkin/On Landscape

We offer mountain guiding with a geological flavour.

Britain is an unparallelled place to be a geologist, with incredible variety packed into a small space. The mountains offer glimpses into geological processes spanning three-quarters of Earth’s history and ranging from the evolution of earliest life, through earthquake and volcanic processes, to major mountain building and associated deformation and metamorphism. All that deep-history is overlain by recent glacial activity to produce some of the finest scereny there is.

A One Minute Geology guided day will take you off the beaten path, taking in key geological features along the way – from subtle features only visible with the hand lens to landscape-scale structures – each day is designed to help you develop a coherent picture of the underlying geological processes which make our mountains so special.

A typical day will include a range of walking on- and off-path, encompassing steep ground where use of hands as well as feet might be necessary and, conditions permitting, taking in a significant mountain summit. Small group sizes (4 maximum) ensure you will get the most from your day.

OMG organised group prices: £70 per preson per day

Alternatively you can book a guided geological day of your own at £200 per day.

Contact for further information.